The Entrepreneurship Cell is a non-profit organization run by the students of IIT Bhubaneswar that aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of the young students from all corners of India. Keeping this motto in mind the E-Cell, IIT Bhubaneswar is reaching out to all the colleges across India to promote entrepreneurial outlook among students by engaging them with different activities of the E-Cell, IIT Bhubaneswar.



Get Certified

Get a certificate of appreciation from The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bhubaneswar on successfully completing the tenure.

Organise Events

Get a chance to conduct entrepreneurship based events in your college in collaboration with E-Cell IIT Bhubaneswar.

Get Updated

Be updated on the recent trends of Entrepreneurship & Business, disrupting technologies from IIT-Bhubaneswar implemented in StartUps

Skill Development

Improve your communication and management skills by being a part of the largest student network in the nation




Putting up posters on the notice boards of your college, of initiatives of E-Cell, IIT Bhubaneswar to promote entrepreneurial activities in your college


Forwarding the mails to college mailing list and sharing and publicizing events on various social media platforms


Planning & organising entrepreneurship related event in your college with the support of the E-Cell, IIT Bhubaneswar


Ensure enthusiastic participation of your college in the competitions conducted by E-Cell, IIT Bhubaneswar

Terms And Conditions

  • The E-Cell, IIT Bhubaneswar shall send all the publicity materials to the respective colleges, but will not be liable for extra cost incurred by the CA.

  • More than one CA can be selected from a college depending upon the strength of the college.

  • The representation can be revoked at any time of the year if the CA fails to perform reasonably well.

  • The Certificate of Appreciation shall be provided only on the successful completion of the complete term.

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